New Products

Our new low emissions cable welding system reduces installation smoke with the EZ Lite Remote®! This system is an excellent choice when welding is to be done in areas where minimal emissions are desired, such as clean rooms, vaults, tunnels, computer rooms, and telecommunication facilities.For more information on our Low Emissions System check out our Low Emissions System Flyer.

EZ-Lite Remote®
New Industry Breakthrough for Fast, Easy Installations


thermOweld again innovates with the industry-breakthrough EZ Lite Remote system for electrical remote welding of copper cable connections.  Fully backwards compatible and an easily portable system so that you can use existing molds and weldmetal in your stock, on your truck or at the jobsite.  Interchangeably use the EZ Lite Remote or a traditional flint igniter on the job at any time and by your decision.  Complete freedom and flexibility are yours with thermOweld's innovative and patented EZ Lite Remote!

UL Approved Ground Bars

New Capability for Unique Project Requirements
thermOweld proudly announces our new Ground Bars and busbars product range.  UL approved and produced on our new state-of-the-art automated production line to give you thermOweld's famous rapid shipment and Made in USA quality.  Virtually endless sizes and configurations, hole and slot patterns, unplated copper or tin plated, as well as stainless steel and other options with and without brackets and insulators.  Customers worldwide are taking advantage of thermOweld's new Ground Bars for a wide range of applications and unique requirements, from telecom sites to energy facilities.  Please contact us with your specific needs!

Magnetic Frame

New Convenience for the Installer
thermOweld brings another new convenience to the installer, this time for easier installations for cathodic protection.  With the new patent-pending Cathodic Mold Magnetic Frame, the installer can choose to stand clear of the welding process on a pipe or surface, when used with the EZ Lite Remote.  Yet another new reason why thermOweld is called the Contractors Choice.