About thermOweld®

thermOweld® provides an efficient, cost effective method of permanently connecting two or more conductors utilizing a high temperature exothermic reaction between aluminum and copper oxide to produce an almost pure copper weld.  In addition, we are a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of grounding and associated products supporting reliable infrastructure grounding, lightning and cathodic protection worldwide since 1958.

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The thermOweld® Process

The thermOweld® permanent-connection process has been engineered to be an easy and efficient field welding system. No outside power, bulky gas tanks, compressors or other equipment associated with compression/mechanical or welding, are required with the thermOweld® system. Any field installer or contractor can use our high-grade graphite molds designed and produced in thermOweld’s world-class volume CNC manufacturing operations.

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Career Opportunities

thermOweld® seeks talented individuals who are self-driven, hands-on and can excel in a fast-paced, progressive environment.

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