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Spec Info

ARRA Letter

ARRA Letter (pdf)

Spec Sheets

thermOweld® Grounding Specifications (pdf)
One Step Pole Plate Spec Sheet (pdf)
EZ Lite Mold Spec Sheet (pdf)
Weld Metal Spec Sheet (pdf)
Contact GF Spec Sheet (pdf)
Contact GS Spec Sheet (pdf)
thermOcap Spec Sheet (pdf)
EZ Lite Cathodic Protection Mold Spec Sheet (pdf)


View thermOweld World Master Catalog (pdf)
Download thermOweld World Master Catalog (zip)

World Master Catalog by Section

Technical Information (pages 1-30)
Connections\Molds for use with AWG Conductors & Bus Bar (pages 31-82)
Connections\Molds for use with Copper-Clad Steel Conductors (pages 83-102)
Molds for use with Metric Conductors (pages 103-134)
Connections\Molds for use with Lightning Protection Conductors (pages 135-152)
Ground Plates & Aircraft Grounding Receptacles (pages 153-159)
Products for Cathodic Protection (pages 160-178)
Weld Metal, Handle Clamps and Accessories (pages 179-188)
Grounding Products (pages 189-226)
UL Lightning Protection Products (pages 227-256)
Metric Earthing Protection Products (pages 257-322)
Metric Lightning Protection Products (pages 271-288)
Trouble Shooting Tips (pages 289-293)
Index (pages 294-322)


Cathodic EZ Lite Flyer (pdf)
Contact GF & GS Brochure (pdf)
Contact GF & GS Flyer (pdf)
EZ Lite Flyer (pdf)
Contact Postcard (pdf)
thermOcap Flyer (pdf)
thermOcap PC Flyer (pdf)
EZ Lite Remote® Ignition (pdf)
Cathodic Mold Magnetic Frame (pdf)
Ground Bar Flyer (pdf)
Packing Material Flyer (pdf)
T-Wrap Flyer (pdf)
Low Emission Mold Flyer (pdf)

SDS Flyers

Same Day Service for Cathodic Protection (pdf)
Same Day Service for Grounding Products (pdf) 

Cross References

AWG Cross Reference (pdf)
Cathodic Cross Reference (pdf)
Computer Cross Reference (pdf)
Copperweld Cross Reference (pdf)
Lightning Protection Cross Reference (pdf)
Metric Cross Reference (pdf)

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