Weld Metal and Accessories

thermOweld® produces all weld metal only in our USA factories.  We control our process for superior connections. After multiple stages of chemical preparation and processing, we package strictly in moisture-resistant plastic cartridges. These cartridges and the necessary steel discs are then packaged in plastic boxes that are shrink wrapped. Shrink wrapping ensures the weld metal will arrive in good condition, always dry, and ready for a positive ignition every time.  Although our volume is very large to support the global market, we purposely produce in lots and perform testing on every lot to insure a reliable connection for the installer.  Every lot is coded for complete traceability through our vertically-integrated manufacturing process. Our customers tell us there is no better weld metal available.  All weld metal is eligible for thermOweld’s SDS (Same-Day Service) shipment. Our SDS program is just like having it on your shelf.

Please see the World Master Catalog for the entire range of products and solutions for your specific requirements.