The thermOweld® Process

The thermOweld® permanent-connection process has been engineered to be an easy and efficient field cable connection system. No outside power, bulky gas tanks, compressors, hydraulic lines or other equipment associated with compression/mechanical or welding are required with the thermOweld® system. Any field installer or contractor can instantly use our high-grade graphite molds designed and produced in thermOweld’s world-class volume CNC manufacturing operations!  With Thermoweld, a permanent molecular bond is achieved at minimum expense.  It's a bond that no compression or mechanical connection can ever achieve.  Utilities, infrastructure owners and systems installers worldwide want a robust and reliable grounding system and they trust thermOweld® to deliver.  Compliant with IEEE837 AND proven for over 50 years in the toughest applications throughout the globe.  No other connection scheme can achieve this combination of lowest installed cost, connection superiority, installation flexibility and ultimate grounding system reliability!

Incorporating our patented EZ-Lite® mold,  ignition is done safely from the top of the mold with limited exhaust emanating from the side vent. This innovation from thermOweld®, combined with other unique features, make even cramped field installations possible. For indoor connections where desired, thermOweld® offers low-emissions molds as well. Or better yet, use our breakthrough EZ Lite Remote® system with your standard molds for reduced emissions! Contractors worldwide demand thermOweld® for ease of use and safest operation.

Using thermOweld’s superior weld metal, a high-temperature reaction between special formulations of powdered copper oxide and aluminum takes place in the mold crucible. Upon reaching critical temperature, the resulting molten copper drops in the weld cavity, instantly creating a high-temperature molecular bond with the conductor. This weld connection cools rapidly, and the mold can be removed for the next connection with thermOweld’s special off-set handle clamps. The thermOweld® process creates a superior connection without the excessive applied heat of brazing, arc welding, or soldering. This is important especially for welding insulated cables or to thin-wall pipe.

The thermOweld® process creates a permanent, homogenous, and molecular cable bond that cannot loosen or corrode. Compared to compression connectors, split bolts, mechancial connectors, brazing, and other connections, the thermOweld® connection is clearly superior. It is easy to see why thermOweld® is exclusively used in both large and small infrastructure projects by major utilities, engineering firms and contractors worldwide for over 50 years. Achieve the lowest installed cost, highest connection superiority, widest installation flexibility and the ultimate in grounding system reliability with Thermoweld.

The thermOweld® process has been used to weld materials other than copper for electrical purposes, including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Copperweld®
  • Nichrome V
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Silicon Bronze
  • Copper-Clad Steel
  • Columbium
  • Plain Steel
  • Everdur®
  • Kama
  • Steel Rail
  • Cor-Ten®
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Niobium
  • Chromax
  • Cast Iron
  • Monel