Exothermic Molds

thermOweld® is a process of welding copper to copper, copper to steel and copper to ductile iron. The exothermic reaction takes place in a semi-permanent graphite mold with a special formula of copper oxide and aluminum.

thermOweld® connections are solid copper molecular bonds that do not loosen or corrode throughout the life of the host structure. These bonds are the superior connection method for the most reliable and highest longevity of grounding, lightning protection, cathodic protection and other critical infrastructure systems.

Standard Molds

thermOweld® standard molds are used with new clean AWG and Metric wire and cable. A standard mold is not for use in “heavy-duty” applications.

Heavy-Duty Molds

thermOweld® heavy-duty molds are employed with reused or reclaimed and heavily oxidized AWG and Metric wire and cable. In these cases a “heavy-duty” mold is recommended as it accepts this larger wire diameter and utilizes a larger weldmetal cartridge size, which facilitates burn-off of cable oxidation. The resulting connection is larger than a standard mold connection. Note that the grounding engineer may determine that the calculated theoretical ground fault current level may be abnormally high and, therefore, would prefer the larger mass of a heavy-duty mold connection.

thermOweld® has designed and produced over 15,000 unique molds to meet application needs worldwide. We have solved many applications with unique and customized molds, utilizing our CAD engineering and specialized CNC machining capabilities. If you do not find what you need, we are ready to support you quickly!

Please see the World Master Catalog for the entire range of products and solutions for your specific requirements.