CuteEditor CuteEditor for ASP | CuteEditor for PHP

Install and Setup

The following guide shows the steps to implement a CuteEditor for .NET Control into ASP.NET applications. If you haven't downloaded the software, please download it from here.

1. Install CuteEditor assembly and license file

Copy the following files to your application bin folder.

  • CuteEditor.dll
  • CuteEditor.ImageEditor.dll
  • NetSpell.SpellChecker.dll
  • CuteEditor.lic
2. Copy CuteEditor Client files

The "CuteSoft_Client" folder and all file it contains should be deployed to http://{your site}/{your application}/ on your web site.

If you want to deploy CuteEditor Client file to a different location, please check the developer's guide.

3. Add Uploader httpModule to web.config's httpModules list

To allow CuteEditor to upload big files, you need to add Uploader HttpModule to your application.

IIS 5.0, 6.0 and IIS 7.0 Classic mode

      <add name="CuteEditor.UploadModule" type="CuteEditor.UploadModule,CuteEditor"/>

IIS 7.0 Integrated mode

      <add name="CuteEditor.UploadModule" type="CuteEditor.UploadModule,CuteEditor"/>
4. Add CuteEditor to an ASP.NET page
  • Register CuteEditor on your page

    At the top of your ASP.NET page, add the following code

    <%@ Register TagPrefix="CE" Namespace="CuteEditor" Assembly="CuteEditor" %>

  • Add the following code between <form runat="server"> tags:

    <CE:Editor id="Editor1" runat="server" />